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We have over 25 years’ experience in all aspects of direct mail from sourcing the right data for your mailing through to response management following a successful campaign. With Hercules you can pick and choose whether we provide the complete direct mail package or just elements, but our aim is simple – to save you time and hassle, reduce your costs or add value to the campaigns.

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Proven strategies to make your business more profitable

  • High speed automated machine inserting (up to 8 stations)
  • Polywrapping
  • Hand insertion / sealing / fixing
  • Matching of personalised items
  • Sensitive data fulfilment/membership fulfilment
  • High speed inkjet personalisation

From a one-off mailing, through to daily, weekly or monthly mailings we have the resources on site to assist. From 100’s to 100,000’s we can provide solutions which will be time efficient, cost effective and above all handled with care, as if you packed each one yourself.


In the age of digital communication, we are seeing an increasing number of people who prefer to receive personalised physical communications. We find customers respond well to the personal touch!

For order fulfilment we can ensure your communications are as personal as you wish them to be, they can be branded or non-branded and contain any message you may wish to promote, or simply saying thank you for the order.

But how do you create the same message for a direct mail piece of activity? Well, the answer is simple… variable data printing. This allows you to make your mailing as personal as you wish it to be.

By making your communications personal to the individual, whether that’s before or after they have ordered, you are ensuring they feel valued and worthwhile to you and your business.

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“I would ask customers for a number rating (1 being terrible, 5 being fantastic, for example) just because I want to give you guys 5 stars! 🙂 “

“Hercules has been a great find and we look forward to further building the relationship and working together for a long time to come”

“the team always provides solutions and is really helpful”

“I was the most happy with this service – we had a slight issue where some key documents were not picked up at the scheduled time from our office, thus putting Hercules about 1 day behind. Hercules helped arrange new pick up for these documents and kept the mail out date the same (even though they lost a day with this!). I was so impressed and they eased my stresses by ensuring that the mail out would still occur according to schedule.”

“never missed a deadline”

“They go the extra mile to make sure the packaging is right and personal for you and your company”