Hercules Storage

Make the most of your Pick & Pack

Here at Hercules we are keen to help our partners ensure their pick and pack process is completed efficiently and in the most cost effective method.  Therefore, to help anyone out there who is thinking of launching or looking for a partner to support their pick and pack below is a few pointers to consider:

  1. Barcoding – Stock which is received barcoded is very pick/pack friendly.  Hercules can utilise our in-house systems to design and customise the order process to ensure all your orders are picked and packed using a barcode scanner.  Thus, ensuring accuracy on the order processing/picking
  2. Packaging – choosing the right packaging is not easy. There are several options for you to consider from branded to unbranded, carton to polybag.  Here at Hercules we will help you decide on the right packaging for both product protection, appearance as well as maintaining the best postal/carriage rates available to you
  3. Protection – Protecting the product during transit is a must, whether you chose infill, kraft, foam or tissue paper Hercules endeavour to find the right packaging and protection to support the desired look and feel of your brand whilst ensuring it arrives in perfect condition with the recipient who will be eagerly awaiting the product to share online with friends
  4. Carrier – We work with several carriers worldwide to ensure that we have a suitable and cost effective solution for all order fulfilment. If you wish your order to arrive within 24 hours* or within several days, we have the solution using our network of distributors

What if something goes wrong?

We truly hope that nothing will go wrong, however should the unthinkable happen (after all we are all human) you will have the contact details to hand of a dedicated account manager to resolve the issue swiftly for you and keep you informed at all stages.  From the how and the whys through to the complete customer satisfaction and resolution.

Make the most of your Pick & Pack