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Virtual Balloon race is go, go, go!

We are once again sponsoring SHINE on the virtual balloon race to help raise awareness and support for Shunts.

Shunts are reasonably inexpensive and have saved millions of lives.

In order to keep  brains healthy they are encased by fluid. The fluid drains off naturally and is replaced by “new” fluid. However, in some cases the process fails. This condition is known as hydrocephalus. If not treated, this results in pressure on the brain and brain injury. A shunt is fitted to artificially carry out the process of draining the brain fluid, something most of us take for granted.

However, fitting a shunt is only the beginning of treatment and support, we are proud to support Shine who work each and everyday to support people who are both treated or supporting a loved one who has received/has complications with a Shunt.

Virtual Balloon race is go, go, go!