Hercules Storage

Proud sponsors of Shine Balloon Race

Today the 6th March, Hercules are proud to sponsor another of Shine’s virtual balloon races.

The aim of this race is to raise funds to support the families of babies recently born with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus.

Spina bifida/hydrocephalus within a baby is diagnosed when the prospective mother attends a routine ultrasound scan.  Learning your unborn child will require major surgery within hours of their birth and still be paralysed below the waist and have brain injury through hydrocephalus is, as you can appreciate, a very traumatic experience.  Shine’s fabulous staff offer parents the help with both practical and emotional support as well as providing opportunities for support and to share their experience and fears with other parents who have had similar experiences.

We hope that our support of this race (and all the races to be held in 2017) will help the charity continue to SHINE.

Proud sponsors of Shine Balloon Race