Kickstarter Fulfilment

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So, your Kickstarter campaign has been successfully funded and manufactured, the next step is shipping orders to your customers. Hercules provide a wide range for services, from sourcing packaging (ensuring parcels are packed safe and secure) through to kit collation and assembly (including stretch goals)

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Fulfilling your Kickstarter campaign orders

Once your Kickstarter campaign has been integrated, you’ll want to keep track of your orders and stock. Our platform enables complete transparency over every order – meaning you’ll know when your orders are moving through the stages of fulfilment from picking to packing and despatch. Utilising barcode verification during the fulfilment process minimises any picking errors and provides rapid order turnaround allowing us to ship within tight timeframes so your customers are not left waiting for their orders.

Cost-effective worldwide shipping to your backers

We work with a range of carriers to ship products for our customers domestically and internationally. The options vary from economy untracked, through to express fully tracked courier services and freight options for larger retail/wholesale orders.
Utilising the power of a high-volume fulfilment centre can provide you with more competitive shipping rates and better-quality services.

Customer Service

Following completion of the order fulfilment, there’s always going to be an element of customer services to resolve issues with missing/delayed deliveries or late backers who forgot to complete their surveys. Here at Hercules we are experts at providing customer services and can take this stress away from you completely by dealing with any issues on your behalf.

Businesses we've already helped grow

“I would ask customers for a number rating (1 being terrible, 5 being fantastic, for example) just because I want to give you guys 5 stars! 🙂 “

“Hercules has been a great find and we look forward to further building the relationship and working together for a long time to come”

“the team always provides solutions and is really helpful”

“I was the most happy with this service – we had a slight issue where some key documents were not picked up at the scheduled time from our office, thus putting Hercules about 1 day behind. Hercules helped arrange new pick up for these documents and kept the mail out date the same (even though they lost a day with this!). I was so impressed and they eased my stresses by ensuring that the mail out would still occur according to schedule.”

“never missed a deadline”

“They go the extra mile to make sure the packaging is right and personal for you and your company”