“I would ask customers for a number rating (1 being terrible, 5 being fantastic, for example) just because I want to give you guys 5 stars! 🙂 “

Fantastic customer service

“Hercules has been a great find and we look forward to further building the relationship and working together for a long time to come”

Pleasure to work with

“the team always provides solutions and is really helpful”

Very helpful

“I was the most happy with this service – we had a slight issue where some key documents were not picked up at the scheduled time from our office, thus putting Hercules about 1 day behind. Hercules helped arrange new pick up for these documents and kept the mail out date the same (even though they lost a day with this!). I was so impressed and they eased my stresses by ensuring that the mail out would still occur according to schedule.”

Impeccable service

“never missed a deadline”


“They go the extra mile to make sure the packaging is right and personal for you and your company”


“Hercules are always very responsive”

Always responsive

“Sally & Steve were very helpful, kept me informed all the way “

Customer Service

“Its always good to talk to Hercules staff “

A Pleasure