Hercules Storage

Quality Control Processes

Here at Hercules we spend a lot of time on quality control to ensure your mailings are of the highest standard possible. So what does that actually mean I hear you ask?

Well, let me go through the processes with you:


Data Quality

Firstly we receive data from you (our client) it’s then checked by a member of staff to ensure it’s in the expected format and the quality of data is sufficient.

Your data is then sent for a free audit showing data accuracy (this will detail the address quality and provide an overview of anyone who has moved/passed away).

The data is then processed as required (mailsorted, proper cased and formatted as required).

Finally the data is then checked by another member of staff to ensure it’s been correctly processed and the final data matches received.

Document Setup

Documents and letters are setup and proofed internally with another staff member, we also proof read the letters for any spelling/grammar errors.

If needed we’ll then amend the layout and correct any spelling/grammar errors noticed.

We then send you a copy of the documents for final approval (electronically and hard copy if required).

Once approved a copy of the documents are then stored with our internal job bag so all staff know what the final items should look like.

Any externally produced items are also checked to ensure quality is correct and matches specification.

Print Process

We check around 20% of all items printed for quality control and details of which records have been checked are recorded.

The printed document is checked to ensure it matches with the signed off copy. We also check any personalised data on each item to make sure it matches with the data received.

If any errors are noticed, the print process is stopped and corrected; any incorrectly printed materials are securely shredded.


Again 20% of all items are checked and recorded. We make sure all required items are picked and inserted correctly according to the job specification.

A final check of all materials is carried out by one of our managers to guarantee their quality.


As you can see there’s a whole lot of checking that goes into each job we do! But hopefully this gives you the satisfaction of knowing that your mailings will be completed to the highest possible standard.

Quality Control Processes